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About Us


Quakers believe that anyone can have direct experience of God. In our Meetings for Worship we can meet with God in the unprogrammed quiet time and in the vocal contributions of others. Worship is not separate from, but part of our daily lives. We make no distinction between the sacred and the secular as we try to live our convictions in the every day.

Quaker Worship is Based on Silence


In public worship and private reflection Quakers sometimes read "Advices and Queries", a booklet designed to inspire and challenge. Quakers usually read one or two paragraphs and then listen carefully to how their heart responds. You might try this too. You might also try reading all 42 paragraphs to gain an overall impression of the Quaker approach to life.


Testimonies are expressions of key principles which underpin the activities of Quakers in their daily lives, forming the basis in which the central work of Britain Yearly Meeting is rooted. Testimonies are not fixed written statements of belief. They are the expressions of attitudes by which Quakers try to live their lives: 

Equality and Community
Integrity and Truth

We seek that of God in each person we meet.
Meeting together in stillness we wait for the inspiration of the Spirit.
We are a community of friends respecting diversity...
... and open to new light from where ever it might spring.
Our service to others is our service to God.
Our religious society stands as witness that whatever humans may have done,
we can still come to love one another and build a commonwealth of peace